About Me

Hi, I’m Angela Payton and welcome to my website, Qigong Exercises. I’ve spent 3 years in China learning the age old art of Qigong. It was through friends and family asking for advice and lessons on Qigong that led me to start my very own website. I’d like to share my knowledge and experiences on Qigong that I learnt living in the Shaanxi Province. Please feel free to comment on my posts and send me an email if ever you have any questions.

Learn Tai Chi Today

You can learn tai chi through the internet. It may seem like an intense and difficult method to learn online but that’s not true. There are several great tai chi health centers, tai chi practice websites and online forums by which you can learn tai chi as quickly as possible. To help you out, we’ve listed a few steps by which you can find the best websites to learn tai chi online.

Step 1 – Check your body fitness and overall health to learn tai chi.
There are no minimal health requirements to learn tai chi as a mental, martial and spiritual routine. In fact, anyone can learn tai chi and practice it. It is particularly recommended for those people who have stressful lifestyles and who suffer from chronic medical conditions and low energy levels. Anyone from any age group or strength can practice this discipline and learn tai chi and yoga. We do suggest that you first get yourself checked over completely before starting the workout though just in case. We do not recommend pregnant women, people with joint problems, or heart problems to learn tai chi without medical supervision.

Step 2 – Choose the right martial stream and Chinese master to learn tai chi.
There are several different ways to learn tai chi. You can learn tai chi through a class. We suggest you first learn tai chi through reading so that you can understand the philosophy underlying the art. You can then choose a qigong form of training that is right for you. You can also learn tai chi through books and CDs. However, the best way to learn tai chi is through the auspices of a master. You can also learn tai chi from an advanced student.

Step 3 – Choose and learn tai chi that fits your physical lifestyle and health requirements.
The six most popular styles to learn tai chi are the Chen, Wu, Sun, Wu-Hao, Yang and the Fa styles. However, there are more than a thousand different streams that include physical training, meditation, and martial arts that you can learn tai chi from and we suggest you research it completely. There are over a 100 different styles that you can pick when you learn tai chi. However, not all of these styles will suit you. The only similarity in all these styles when you learn tai chi is the breathing pattern and the movements that are designed to be slow and gentle.

Step 4- Learn tai chi over a 12 month period.
You cannot learn tai chi in a month or even two months. Most masters expect students to experience the art and learn tai chi over a period of one to two years. Even after learning the art, you have to practice it at a center or at a class in groups. This is because most qigong practitioners believe that group energy and training can improve physical health more than private classes.

You can easily learn tai chi online through internet websites, tai chi practice centers, and through online forums. We hope that these tips have helped you out. Do get in touch with us for additional information about where to learn tai chi online.

Chi Kung

Chi kung is another term used to refer to Qigong and it is a very popular philosophy of life and health in China. The art of Chi Kung is thousands of years old and the exact origin of the Chi Kung art is not known. According to Chinese medicants, the Chi Kung philosophy combines several different theories for perfect body and health. Over time, the Chi Kung philosophy was refined and targeted on the human body to ensure that the mind and body was attuned to each other and in perfect health.

What is Chi Kung?
According to Chinese medicants, the Chi Kung focuses on healing the mind and body. Chi Kung believes that the human body is filled with energy that flows along the routes of blood. As blood flows in the human body, the body is alive and energized. In sickness, this Chi Kung energy is blocked due to a restriction of blood flow. As a result, Chinese Chi Kung practitioners believe that redirecting the energy could improve blockages and improve perfusion of the human body. Not much is known about the actual workings of the Chi Kung philosophy though as Chi Kung masters generally teach their students the art and it remains a closely guarded secret. As the student progresses in the Chi Kung art, it is believed that they also progress in mental clarity and they reach higher levels of spiritual awareness. Although scientific studies have not proved the relationship between Chi Kung and better health, most Chi Kung practitioners have stated that they feel better after one or two sittings.

Where can I learn about the Chi Kung philosophy?
We suggest you go online to find a good Chi Kung master who is located close to you. There are several non-profit Chi Kung organizations that will be more than happy to guide you. Get in touch with a Chi Kung master and learn about their philosophy of Chi Kung. This is very important as there are over a thousand different forms of the ancient art. If you don’t have the time to attend a fulltime Chi Kung class, there are also online forums and streaming classes that you will be able to attend. Most doctors do recommend Chi Kung routines even to patients who have chronic medical conditions. The reasoning for this is that Chi Kung itself is a very simple and easy art. The body is not stressed out and it focuses on reducing stress and improving overall health. A few practitioners will also be able to carry out massage routines on the body as well.