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Hi, I’m Angela Payton and welcome to my website, Qigong Exercises. I’ve spent 3 years in China learning the age old art of Qigong. It was through friends and family asking for advice and lessons on Qigong that led me to start my very own website. I’d like to share my knowledge and experiences on Qigong that I learnt living in the Shaanxi Province. Please feel free to comment on my posts and send me an email if ever you have any questions.

Spring Forest Qigong

Spring Forest Qigong is supposed to be one of the simplest and best workout routines in the Qigong repertoire. Qigong itself is more than 4000 years old and has several thousand different forms that have evolved over time.

What is Spring Forest Qigong?
Spring forest qigong was developed by a Chinese master called Master Chunyi Lin. The master developed the art of spring forest qigong to ensure that more people could access the art and understand it. He wanted more and more people to be able to practice the art as quickly as possible and acquire the benefits of spring forest qigong. According to his principles and teachings, spring forest qigong focused on the aspect of channeling the energy inside the body into the right directions. According to the master, everything in this world is made of energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be transformed and redirected to make a person better. Spring forest qigong tries to manipulate and channel extra energy into your body. This natural physical energy is redirected and moved into areas that are sick and ailing, rejuvenating them completely. Spring forest qigong helps you to understand the areas of your body that are ailing and then treats them with the proper exercises to direct qi energy into the right areas. There are several special exercises that are included in the routine that are designed to energize your body and fill you with power and healing.

Getting Started With Spring Forest Qigong:
To learn about the spring forest qigong protocol, it’s very essential to find the right master. You can purchase instructional spring forest qigong CDs or books from which you can learn routines and exercises. You can learn these routines from the privacy of your home and then practice them. Please note that every spring forest qigong routine has levels and you will have to start with the first level before progressing upward. There are websites too that will teach you how to use the spring forest qigong routines. We suggest you first review the website completely before starting any routines. Do not practice the spring forest qigong routines until you have understood the process completely. If necessary, meditate and calm your mind.

Advantages of Spring Forest Qigong Exercises:
The spring forest qigong routines are particularly useful for people who want to revamp their lives completely. Following the spring forest qigong routines will ensure that you have:
-Balance in your life
-Energy and power
-Greater understanding of the world and how the universe works
-Relief from stress, anxiety, depression and a much better outlook to life.
-Helps to heal the body faster
-Makes it stronger and more resistant to infections and disease.

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